Friday, October 31, 2014

“Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me. ” ― Fred Rogers

We have probably done more to help children than any other single thing we have accomplished here.  We have provided mosquito nets to keep them from getting and/or being killed by malaria.  We have provided clean, safe drinking water in the form of biosand filters for schools (50 in Nansio alone), in private homes, in hospitals, in orphanages, and here for the 65 orphans we feed and educate here every day.  We have fed hundreds of orphans and feed about 100 on a daily basis.  We have taught preschool teachers how to use Montessori methods to teach children to love learning.  We have started or helped to start nine preschools, all using Montessori methods thanks to Karen’s teaching seminars here.  Karen has inspired the use of Tanzanian clothing and styles for the children’s uniforms (see the picture of the orphans at St. Penny’s Preschool in Karikakari to the right) so that they will learn to love and be proud of their own culture.  We have taken them to our hearts and have grieved and mourned for many who have died of malaria and other water borne diseases.  We have taken one orphan baby into our home and helped raise and educate her for the past seven years.  If we are a bit down, all we have to do is go out to the preschool here on our grounds (Santa Caryn) and those little bundles of joy and energy will love our blues away in a hurry.  The children in our school here love it so much that they run to the bathroom and back so they don’t miss anything.  They arrive an hour early and hate to leave in the afternoon.  We provide them with nourishment, but more than that, we provide them with a feeling that they are important and loved by God and us.  Were it not for the children, we would not have lasted here this long.  We will never live to see what a difference our love and caring will have made in their lives, but it is enough to know that we do love and care for them.  If you truly care about the future, you must truly care about the little children, as Christ did.
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