Tuesday, August 26, 2014

“We have absolutely no control over what happens to us in life but what we have paramount control over is how we respond to those events.” ― Viktor Frankl

What I didn’t say when writing about my fall and subsequent injuries was that the security guard was asleep and I couldn’t wake him by shouting from inside the house, so I got dressed, went outside and found him sleeping on the bench next to where the puppies are currently.  I woke him up, scaring him quite a bit and while he was going to start the generator, I tried to get back to the house, rather unsuccessfully.  The scene of the crime is in the picture at the right.  Somehow, I ended up in that trench by the hedge and no one from inside the house could hear my yells for help.  Finally, I wrenched myself up, and leaving a trail of blood (would have made CSI proud), made it into the house where I was able to get help.  The security guard was from a company we hired and the guard has now been fired.  The owner of the company did guard duty last night and will for the next two, so he will know how to train the guards that will work here.  This was the third to sleep on the job, so one more, and we will be looking for a new company which was not lost on the boss.  Happily, the nurse with the good pain medicine injection came back today because, as you know, the second day is always worse than the first.  Yesterday, in pain, with bandages holding back the bleeding, I had a surprise visit from the presiding bishop, of course.  Then, we all had a surprise visit from the Social Security people who needed to add Charles to our list since his probationary period is over, and I had to hobble up to Martha’s Place to sign the papers and stamp my signature.  The dogs needed worm shots, so next on the dance card was the vet who needed me to pay him.  About this time, the head of the security company showed up, and as it was me who had to wake up the guard and me who had signed the contract, I had to deal with that as well, hobbling up and down the stairs with pain shooting from my knee and elbow (now swollen to twice its size).  What is that saying, “No rest for the wicked?” or “No rest for the weary?” or just no rest for those who just really want to lie down to lessen the pain?  The pain was worse today—until that marvelous nurse showed up, and I have been free of visitors.  As a plus, while I couldn’t sleep last night because I couldn’t get in a position that wasn’t incredibly painful, I was able to get comfortable enough to use our new PS3 and have my beloved Dallas Cowboys defeat the New Orleans Saints and win their Division Championship.  If if we win one more, we go to the Super Bowl proving that every cloud has a silver lining (with a blue star on its helmet).  Thank you for all who have been praying.  Don’t stop.  At my age, healing is slow and I love all of you.
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