Thursday, August 21, 2014

“Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.” ― Steve Maraboli

While we are trying to put behind us the betrayal of a colleague and friend, some things may linger on a bit.  My immediate reaction was to go out and hug every little boy and girl in our Santa Caryn Academy preschool.  It made me feel much better, but it scared the doodly-squat out of some of the smaller kids who are not used to big, fat, white men wanting to love them.  They will just have to get used to that because it’s going to happen again and again over the coming weeks.  I have since learned that one of the parents of one of the secondary school students went to the house where she was living and took many pictures of the lack of beds, light, water, and bathrooms.  This will lead to criminal charges being filed against Nyansa and already I have been asked to forgive him and help him with his legal fees and even to testify in his behalf.  Forgiving him was easy, but I believe in logical consequences and so will not ever help him with money or testimony ever again.  I pray he has learned his lesson, but we have discovered that he had done this several years before.  Sometimes it takes hard lessons before you learn.  I went to jail once--and I emphasize once-- because it never happened again, but it was a lesson I needed to learn while I was still a very young man.  On a lighter and brighter note, check out the picture at the right.  It appears that we are planning on raising chimpanzees or other large primates here on our property.  In fact, it is Karen’s plan to protect her sweet potatoes—apparently from elephants or other large herbivores.  Actually, it’s a defense against our own dogs who have a sweet tooth for those succulent tubers as well as flying insects like grasshoppers who also love them.  My wife, the agronomist, may be changing the face of farming around here as this can be an excellent cash crop as well as being a source of really good nutrition.  Yellow sweet potatoes have a lot of nutritional value while the white ones commonly grown here have virtually none.  Karen has done so much good work here that when I met a new missionary in Musoma he had not heard of me.  He then asked if I knew a woman called “Mama Africa” and I proudly said she was my wife.  He then said he was proud to meet the husband of Mama Africa.  That is how I am known around here—and proud of it, too, bub.  We do ask for prayers for our church, the children and parents, and everyone else who has suffered because of the treachery of a man who claimed to be serving God when he was serving only money.  Oh, and a huge, huge thank you to the One Book Foundation for raising the money for us to buy fifty Swahili Bibles (sorely needed) and three new bicycles for the evangelists of our newest churches.  God is good, all the time, even if sometimes you have to look beyond the thorns to see the roses.
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