Friday, August 29, 2014

“In Africa we having a saying, 'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.'” ― Robin Jones Gunn

Sometimes we can pretend that we don’t need anyone else, but it is always pretend.  There’s the famous saying, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”  In fact, it takes thousands of people to keep each of us going.  We discovered several Christmases ago, what an incredible gift a pregnant goat can be to the people here.  It can mean the difference between poverty and hunger or being able to feed your children and send them to school.  Goats continue to give for years.  The Heifer Project has successfully given hundreds of thousands if not millions of goats over the years.  Sadly, not all the local Heifer Project administrators do their jobs without bribery, corruption, and giving only to their own relatives and friends.  I’m sure these poor administrators are few in number, but we have had little in the way of happy dealings with our local official, such that, we just give our goats away on our own.  My cousin’s grandchildren gave us enough money this Christmas to give ten goats to widows with no other hope.  Others gave money, too, such that we have already given away almost twenty goats.  We usually have our staff members do the actual giving so that we don’t have lines of people wanting goats at our gates.  If you remember, I wrote recently about our evangelist in the village of Bukore who was killed in a house fire.  He saved his wife and girls and died going back for the Bibles in the house.  The picture at the right is of his widow receiving a pregnant goat.  We had to wait for a goat market and then bought four goats to give away.  This was the first goat market since the fire.  We also had to buy a fifth goat because we forgot that our dogs rather like goat meat.  Won’t make that mistake again.  The man in the picture is Charles, who works for us.  To say that the woman was grateful would be an incredible understatement.  She was thrilled and just kept repeating, “God bless you,” over and over again.  It just costs about $100 to give a goat, and we no longer wait for Christmas, but when we hear of a need, if we have the money, we buy a goat.  I wish had a tee shirt that said “We give goats, do you?” 
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