Monday, August 18, 2014

“God put us here, on this carnival ride. We close our eyes never knowing where it'll take us next.” ― Carrie Underwood

Edina came in early with tears in her eyes because her sister had died at Geita, about five hours from here.  I gave her money for the trip and help with the food because she will be gone a week.  Tomorrow, she is sending a young neighbor girl to help with the outside work.  Today, Bishop Monto is meeting with the District Education officials to set the straight on what we do here and what the law is regarding preschools, since he is on the national board that oversees preschools.  Karen has the outside workers getting her sweet potato farm ready.  It not only has to keep the grasshoppers out, it also has to keep the dogs out as they love sweet potatoes and will dig them up and eat them.  Shaban left early to help a friend who was at the police station.  Then he has to go to Tanesco to pay our electric bill.  It is always higher when we have seminars here because everyone wants hot showers, and the electric hot water heaters use a lot of power, but we just chalk it up to giving our guests a pleasant stay.  After that, he will go to customs to see if any of our packages are there.  He has to go through every single item as they assess a cost for it that we will have to pay.  Shaban is very good at keeping the costs way down, and it helps that there are no taxes on any computer equipment coming in to Tanzania.  We are planning a trip to Musoma (about an hour north) tomorrow to resupply our wasungu food stuff, like bacon, sliced cheese, frozen chicken breasts, spices, and other stuff that may be there tomorrow that we haven’t seen in a while.  In other countries, you go to the store and buy whatever you need.  Here, we have to see if what they have and if they have it today, they may not have again for six months or more.  Makes life interesting.  Oh, and Hilde had four puppies that are doing well at the moment.  They still have their eyes closed, so we don’t go near them yet.  If they all live, all are already spoken for since the father is pedigreed German Shepherd and the mother is half-shepherd, half rhodesian ridge back.  At just six months, the latest puppy, Benjy, is almost the size of his father.  Got two packages today and haven’t opened them yet.  Watch this space.
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