Tuesday, August 19, 2014

“Children see magic because they look for it.” ― Christopher Moore

The education inspectors came this morning after meeting with Bishop Monto yesterday and pronounced their blessings on what we are doing.  They did not apologize for their bad behavior and anger, but they are civil servants after all.  Karen is still working two or three hours a day on instructional materials for the Montessori method preschools.  John and I have tried to get her to slow down but it’s like asking the Grand Canyon to stop eroding.  Besides as you can see by the picture at the right, the kids do love Mama Africa.  We got some packages yesterday that have been a real upper for all of us.  We got a replacement for our dead PS3 (that’s a video game console for you luddites), but it took over three hours to transfer all the data from the other one and to get the upgrades over the internet.  John came through like a champ, of course.  I don’t know what we are going to do when he leaves.  He is flying to San Francisco on September 3rd to spend time with his big brother and to celebrate both their birthdays—John’s on the 5th and Chris’s on the 11th.  However, when John flies back on the 12th, he will stay at Pete’s to do computer work that Pete needs him for, so he won’t be back here until the 19th.  We may not even be able to turn the TV on while he’s gone, but that won’t kill us.  Also in the packages were sugar free candy for me, a DVD that we’ve been wanting, and some watch bands.  I’ve told you before about my fascination with watches (cheap ones anyway), and a man I don’t know in New York sent me fifteen watches (of the less expensive variety) but a humbling gift for me.  I have been playing swapping watch bands and color looks and loving it.  There is a watch forum on the internet that has Rolex groups, but I am in the one called “affordable watches” even though some of those guys think $1,000 is affordable—not me.  Karen has been having some blood pressure problems and the doctor here told her to make hibiscus tea from our flowers and it helped.  John found several boxes of hibiscus tea in Musoma today which was timely as all our flowers are gone now.  Oh yeah, Karen told me I looked really good today, as good as our dog, Benjy.  You think that was a compliment?  Oh well, like her students wrote on the board, I love Mama Africa/Karen and always will.
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