Wednesday, July 9, 2014

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can be grateful that thorn bushes have roses.” ― Tom Wilson

We have roses here.  We also have morning glories decorating our fences and greeting us with their beauty every morning.  We have more flowers here at our mission than any other place in the whole Bunda district.  We have them lining the walkways, in pots, surrounding the school, and growing outside our fences as a welcome to visitors.  I know that botanists would have one explanation for flowers, but I like believing that God decorated His creation with natural beauty that is not the province of the rich but available to every one of His children.  When Karen was a little girl, she thought that the measure of if you were rich or not was if you had fresh flowers in your house every day.  Well, we must be very rich here because our workers make sure that Karen has fresh flowers in the house every day.  Just yesterday, John walked into the house in the late afternoon and dropped a bloom in his mother’s lap.  She inhaled its fragrance and smiled at John.  What else can cause this kind of response?  Maybe someone with more intelligence or inherent evil could figure out how to hurt someone with flowers, but it is beyond me.  We are so blessed to live in place that supplies us with bananas, papayas, lemons, peppers, and about twenty different varieties of flowers.  The morning glories are my favorite because they do indeed live up to their name and announce the Glory of the Morning of the Day that God hath Made.  Then, there are the human flowers that show up at our gates every morning.  Forty-five orphans under the age of six with smiles on their faces, songs in their hearts, and a true skip in their steps.  We have our three visitors from the U.S. here for the next week or so as they teach music and singing in the churches in our area.  One is from California, one from Oklahoma, and one from Virginia.  We are blessed to have them as they go about God’s business making the gifts of songs of praise like flowers in the churches.  The world looks very pretty today, from here.  I know there are many places of suffering and hardship, of famine and hunger, of war and death, but today, here, there are flowers, and laughing children.  Here, today, I remember Robert Browning’s words in his poem “Pippa Passes” which reads, “God’s in His heaven and all’s right with the world.”  Today, it is true here.  Thank you, Lord.
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