Monday, July 7, 2014

"To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts." — Henry David Thoreau

Yes the quote is the same as yesterday’s.  Read on and all will become clear.  Today I am really writing a “missionary musing.”  We have been here over nine years, and I have been writing this daily blog for over six years.  It has been daily, too, unless I was hospitalized, very sick, or traveling, but these lapses have been less than about twenty over six years, so that means I have written somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 blogs.  There has never been a charge or fee to read these, nor has there been any inducement to read them, either.  I have felt compelled to record what happens to us here, our thoughts about life as we see it from here, and, as a former pastor, I must confess that I preach from time to time—usually the Sunday blog, but it’s not limited to that.  Over the years, the readership has gone from about 20 a day to sometimes almost 400 a day, but the average is something under 200 a day.  According to the blogs own accounting, the readers have come from over twenty-two countries and still average about ten countries a day.  The highest readership is in the U.S. followed by Tanzania and Canada and Great Britain and Russia and Germany and Australia and Ukraine and other countries I have never visited or know anyone there.  Sometimes when I see a particular country on the list, I do know people there and know that they read the blog because they comment on it, either on the blog itself (although that isn’t easy), on Facebook, on Google+, or by email.  I do treasure these comments as other than the numbers that the blog keeps, I don’t know who is reading these or if they are making any difference.  I do know that a few years ago when I was considering giving it up, many people wrote me and told me that they read it everyday, first thing, and it is important to them.  So, for myself, my family, my friends, and those who find it important enough to read every day, I will continue to write every day.  The statistics today say that for the last month readership averaged 200 a day which is amazing to me.  If you look at my profile on Google+, you will see that I have 132 followers which is not a huge amount compared to the thousands that members of my own family have.  However, you will also see that I have over 5,000,000 (yes, that’s five million) views.  I don’t know exactly what a “view” is or constitutes but no one else I know has anywhere near that number.  I suspect it is a glitch in the system or there is another Charles Wiggins out there who a whole lot of people care about.  There was a Bradley Wiggins who won the Tour de France in 2012, and there is an Andrew Wiggins who is a basketball star, but I do not know nor am related to either of these.  All I’m saying is that as long as it is important to one person outside our mission compound, I will continue to write this as long as I am able.  It does allow the people who are supporting and have supported our mission to see how we are spending the money they send and how we are doing as a mission.  If anyone enjoys reading these or has their day brightened just a little for just one day—well, read yesterday’s blog.  That’s what matters.

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