Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of." — Alfred Lord Tennyson

We are very worried about Edina and are asking for prayers for her.  She is fifty years old and has been with us for ten years.  When we were building the first buildings here, she came and asked if I wanted the two acres of ground leveled (it was an old, furrowed potato field).  She offered to do it in three days for $10 with nothing but a short hoe.  I agreed, never thinking she could really do it.  Well, she did it in two days and I paid her $40 for the job and hired her full time to take care of the grounds and the buildings other than our house.  Every plant, flower, and tree at Maisha Na Maji were picked out, planted, and carefully maintained by her.  Now, she has malaria, worms, and dysentery and has been out for over a week.  We have paid for the doctor and medicine and paid the bus fare so her daughter (who is studying nursing) could come and take care of her as she lives alone.  We have had Shaban take prepared food to her, but she does not seem to be improving.  She is a devout Christian who almost only asks for time off for things like Ash Wednesday and prayer groups.  She always has a bright smile (see the picture at the right) and has raised four children on her own as her husband died the first year she worked for us.  We have been paying the school fees for her daughter Paulina since she was in primary school and is now working on a Bachelor’s degree in nursing (we are still paying for her—she is an excellent student and a good daughter) and now is taking care of her mother.  I sent Shaban over today to see if there is anything else we can do, but we can always pray and believe that it works, so we are asking you to pray for her and to ask your church and/or friends to pray also.  She has meant so much to us, and every group that has been here has had her wash their clothes and clean their rooms, so if you have been here, you have met her.  In fact, the picture at the right was taken by Chris Smith, a professional photographer from Charleston, South Carolina, who has been here more than once on mission trips.  It’s at times like these that I hate our lack of good medical facilities more than ever.  We are counting on the power of your prayers—and there is power in prayer or I wouldn’t still be alive.  She is important to our mission and as a child of God is precious to Him.  We miss her smiling face and infectious laughter.  I hate malaria, just hate it.  She has a biosand filter at her house, but eats at her friends and neighbors and is susceptible to water-borne diseases even though she has clean water at home.  Help us in our prayers for this wonderful woman who is suffering.  Thank you and God bless you for your help.

Note: There was no blog yesterday because there was no internet in our area of Tanzania because of road construction.
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