Monday, July 28, 2014

“All work and no play makes all three of us tired and cranky.” — Charles, Karen, and John

While we cannot afford a week-long vacation, or even three days for that matter, we can take a couple of hours off for a bit of relaxation.  There are no real restaurants in Bunda, but by driving just about thirty minutes south, we can eat at the Serengeti Stop Over.  Almost everyone who has visited us here has also eaten there.  It just past the gate to the Serengeti National Park and you can walk into the Serengeti from the Stop Over, if you wanted to be a few rungs down the food chain.  We like it because while they don’t have an extensive menu they do the few things they do very well.  They don’t even have to take our order.  They know that Karen will want a whole Tilapia baked, John will want spaghetti bolognaise, and I will have chicken and chips (french fries).  They don’t start cooking until you order, so you can plan on about a forty-five minute to an hour wait for your food.  A quick lunch is about an hour and a half and the longest one was three hours (after someone ordered fish, they sent someone into Bunda to buy some and bring it back).  We know this, so we always bring books or at least we used to.  Now we bring iPads and an iPad Mini.  I read on mine, Karen and John play games on theirs.  We love the Serengeti Stop Over because it is far enough out that it is very quiet with only birds providing the ambiance.  Baboons used to come by but their baboon wrangler has been very good, and we don’t see them anymore.  A quiet, restful time spent in an African gazebo with the whole serengeti plains stretching out behind us.  Sometimes, like yesterday, John will bring a camera and both he and Karen will take some time to wander around and take some arty photographs.  I just enjoy reading and hearing the birds and talking and laughing with the staff who know us very well.  We usually feed Shaban as well since he drove us out there, but Ramadan was still going on, so he was fasting and washed the car while we ate.  It’s not much, but it is a delightful break and gives us some needed down time.  Lunch and drinks for three comes to about $25.00 and John always takes half of his home to eat for dinner later that day, so not bad.  The picture at the right is of Karen and her iPad Mini.  On the Facebook post you can see John and his electronic gear.  A good time was had by all.

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