Saturday, May 17, 2014

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” ― Maya Angelou

Home is always a good place to be.  Charlini still has malaria and is not eating but likes watching TV.  Charles has been off for three days due to the death of his brother, but will return today.  Neema and Pastor Festo are in Arusha where Pastor Nyansa is getting married today, but Neema will be back on Sunday so she can get ready to cook for our four Finnish missionaries that will be here starting Tuesday.  Bishop Buwahwa of Mwanza wanted me to go do two weeks of pastor training in the Geita area, but I’m not physically capable of that.  We are looking at other venues.  He did say something interesting, “If I teach them they may believe it, but if you teach them they will believe it.”  Flattering, but not so sure it’s true.  Still, it is always nice to be wanted.  John has been so good about helping while Karen has been gone that I got him some new speakers for his computer.  He posted pictures on Google+ since their design got them into the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  John and Juliana had a difference of opinion on cooking chicken last night and only the dogs benefited.  Karen and I have differences and we both speak the same language, so this is not new but Juliana always cries which works for me.  We got Shaban’s brick-making machine manufactured and got it here by bus from Mwanza which just seems incredible to me because it must weigh two hundred pounds of welded steel.  Still, they know how to do things here that I would just consider impossible.  We are still doing repairs so that when Karen returns everything will be working—knock wood.  That’s assuming nothing else breaks in the meantime, but this is Africa, so we just expect the unexpected and are never surprised.  I will be very glad to have her back.  I am happy she is having such a good trip, but I miss her and need her.
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