Wednesday, May 14, 2014

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ― Marcel Proust

Charles Shultz said that happiness was a warm puppy.  He was wrong.  For a husband, happiness is a happy wife.  Can you tell from the picture at the right that Karen (Bibi and Mama Africa) is happy with her grandchildren in her lap (they are happy, too).  Karen has visited with her oldest son, had a wonderful visit with her remaining brother in Texas and visited the graves of her parents on the trip to Arkansas, and is having a grand old time in Fayetteville.  She has had parties for her thrown by her teacher friends from George Elementary, one of her best friends has taken her to an art museum (Karen frequently suffers from art museum withdrawals) and has an entire day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City waiting for her.  She has been able to spend time with her sister-in-law who has been driving her around.  She was able to get a new passport in five days (it took me 21 days in Dar Es Salaam).  Most importantly, she is getting to spend a lot of time with her grandchildren and her youngest son and his wife.  She is taking a suitcase to Sam’s to fill up with stuff we can’t get here.  Hopefully, she can work in a trip to Hot Springs to visit the church that has been our biggest supporter over the years and just sent $2,500 last week.  And if that isn’t enough, she will be back in NYC for her birthday with her oldest son and will land in Arusha the day before our 49th anniversary, and I will be there to celebrate that with her.  I am so happy that she has been able to do this which was made possible by the money my mother left me, may she be at peace with God.  I know she would be happy, too, that Karen is having such a good time.  Back here, we have closed school for two days so the teachers, Neema, Pastor Festo, and others can travel to Arusha for the wedding of our General Secretary, Pastor Nyansa who teaches at our preschool here.  He is marrying a Korean missionary whom I have met and like.  Tomorrow, I travel to Mwanza to meet with Bishop Buhwahwa to plan some more projects with e3 Partners.
Take another look at that picture and it should even make you happy.  You know Mama Africa, the kids are from left to right--Laura, David, and Karen.
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