Tuesday, May 27, 2014

“I’m here because children everywhere are suffering and because forty thousand people die each day from hunger. I’m here because those people are mostly children.” — Rachel Corrie, aged 10

The picture of the girl at the right is a poignant one.  She is holding her belly because she has never had a full belly before.  She is confused by the feeling.  We feed about 65 orphans here every day, and the food they get here is the only food they get all day.  We can’t feed every day, but five days a week at least, these small children get to eat.  We also help an orphanage in Arusha to keep their twenty-five orphans fed.  They eat every day, but only because folks like us send money from time to time.  Here, at least, we can send it over our cell phones which comes in very handy.  The real problem of course, is hunger.  We do what we can as do all the missionaries in this area as well as local churches and caring family.  Because our area is in the lucky part of the only 10% of land in Tanzania that can grow food in this country, at least children don’t starve to death here.  They are undernourished and many are sick because of this, but they are not dying from hunger even if some go to bed hungry every night.  In other parts of Tanzania, over two and half million people would starve every day without aid in the form of food from the U.S. and other countries.  I was in the U.S. last year, and I was shocked and horrified at the amount of food thrown away, wasted, uneaten on plates at restaurants.  There is enough food on this planet in ample abundance to prevent even one child from dying of hunger, yet 40,000 die every single day which is over one million children dead every month.  I am not blaming the First World for the conditions that create this hunger, but every person, every church in America could do more for those who are starving—even those within blocks of the very churches that claim to follow a Christ who commanded that we love one another as He loved us.  I don’t think that He would accept our letting children starve as an example of our love.  You don’t have to feed the world, but you do have to do something for at least one child.  Your church, your family, your community can keep children from dying of starvation.  The number may not be great, but it is the caring and love that manifests itself in the effort that counts.  Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.  It is not asking much, but keep the picture of this little girl in your mind.  She has a full belly, not because of us, but because of those who support our mission.  We can only do with what we get and we stretch it as far as we can.  Find a way to save a child.  Keep the commandment.
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