Friday, May 16, 2014

“Dark circles under my eyes sink deeper and deeper into my skull, in contrast to my pale skin there is an undeniable resemblance to a fresh corpse.” ― Dee Remy

This morning, I resemble a corpse.  It was no wedding last night, it was a club here in the hotel that plays music at the decibel level of 747 landing until five am every morning but Monday.  The furniture and the floor were shaking from the bass which was all I could hear—and I could hear it all night.  I complained about two in the morning, but apparently the hotel (which is old) makes more money from the club than from the people staying in the hotel.  I won’t ever stay there again for I am truly frazzled (see picture at the right).  I’m still in Mwanza because the brick making machine had to be made to order and won’t be ready until two this afternoon.  Also, the cable I needed from the Apple store wasn’t in yesterday but should be there today.  TIA (this is Africa) but if you read my sister’s blogs for the last two days, it makes what I’m doing here look like a walk in the park, bless her heart.  Did you even notice that no one says “Bless her heart” about good things?  Anyway, Karen has been posting pictures on Facebook of her with students from 25 years ago—and they are happy.  She is also going to Hot Springs to visit a church that has supported us for years even though neither of us has ever been there.  I might add that there support is the most from any church we receive.  I am getting ready to pack up and try to get back to Bunda with all of our errands run, but you never know.  I just have to find a new hotel.  If I get one for families, I’m afraid there will be crying babies all night.  However. of these are the worst of my worries, I am truly blessed.  And I am.
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