Friday, April 4, 2014

“What the fiber optic cable giveth, the fiber optic cable taketh away (when someone cuts it).” ― Me and John

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The response to our request for transportation assistance was overwhelming.  We will not have to worry about Karen getting around.  She flies into New York where our son and daughter-in-law, Brenda, will pick her up and get her back onto a plane headed to San Antonio, Texas.  Karen’s brother, John, will pick her up there and drive her to his home in Bandera, Texas.  After visiting with him, he will drive her to Fayetteville, so that she arrives on May 1st.  When her visit with her grandchildren is over, she will fly from Fayetteville back to NYC where she will celebrate her 71st birthday with her oldest son, Chris and his wife.  Then she will fly back to Arusha where I will be waiting so that we can celebrate our 49th anniversary with Pete at the Red Onion.  Then back to Bunda on June 6th.  God has told me not to worry, He will take care of the details, so I am not worrying (well, maybe just a little).  In the meantime, after having high speed internet returned for three whole days, some farmer cut the fiber optic cable somewhere in Tanzania and the whole country has had its internet cut off.  We can still use our phones, so hopefully this will get posted, but if we had just returned to speedy posting and responding to emails—well, this is Africa.  We are getting ready for a group of ten coming in tomorrow to learn about biosand filter production.  Four are from the U.S., one is from the U.K., and five are from Tanzania.  Happily, our group cook, Neema, has cooked for people from all over the world and will provide good meals while they are here.  Neema also makes the ujii (porridge) for the orphans in the morning and rice and beans for the kids in the afternoon English class.  She is a member of the Methodist church here and has been helping us for about eight years.  A wonderful woman whose picture is at the right.  She is almost always smiling and is a treat to be around.  We have been blessed with those who have worked and are working for us.  God is so good—all the time.
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