Wednesday, April 23, 2014

“Things change, sometimes for good, sometimes for ill.” ― Alice Walker

The picture at the right is the new pedestrian overpass to get people from one side of the highway coming into Mwanza to the other without the loss of life.  Many people have been killed just crossing this road.  The new footbridge would be even more impressive if it hadn’t taken them over three years and twenty-two more deaths to build it.  Still, it is now in place, open, and working, and I didn’t think they were ever going to finish it.  We (and when I say “we” I mean Shaban and the men he hires) are doing minor repairs on one of the guest cottages to make sure the toilet and the shower work.  We are having six American Bible translators from Musoma stay with us today and tomorrow, leaving on Thursday and we will have them in all four rooms of our two guest cottages.  The translators who work for SIL are translating the Bible into the local languages of the tribes in this area.  Since almost none of those languages like Sukuma and Kijita have written languages, it is a difficult and long task, and we are very proud of the work this group has done.  They have headquarters in Musoma and have been in this area as long as we have although most of the translators just stay for two years and then rotate back to the U.S.  The new(er) car we are driving, we bought from one of the SIL managers who recently returned to the U.S.  Karen is safely in New York, but today flies to San Antonio where her younger brother, John, will pick her up for a visit with he and his wife at their home in Bandera, Texas.  Karen’s older brother, Don, died of lung cancer in 2003, just one week after my father passed away.  Her brother, John, will drive her to Fayetteville, Arkansas, arriving on May 1st.  She will be staying at the Mt. Sequoyah retreat center in one of their houses until she flies back to NYC in late May, so she can celebrate her birthday with her son, Chris, before flying back to Arusha on June 4th.  I will be waiting for her in Arusha, and we will celebrate our 49th anniversary there on June 5th.
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