Wednesday, April 2, 2014

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” ― Robert Frost

No teachers showed up again today, so I think we can safely assume that none are coming.  They will probably show up next week while we have the group here learning about biosand filters and we will have to turn them away if they do.  We will reschedule, but in the meantime, when Karen gets back from her trip to the U.S., we will invite the preschool teachers from the Catholic preschool here to come and get some free training (and free food).  We have worked with the Catholic parish on other projects and have a good relationship with them.  The good news is that two days ago on Monday it was "maybe tomorrow" that we would have fiber optic internet for the first time—and that actually happened!  Of course, John had to make two separate trips and use his expertise to get it all working, but it is working, and we are very happy about it.  We also decided that if no teachers showed up, we would go to the Serengeti Stop Over for lunch, and we did just that.  Clicking on the photo at the right will take you to three more pictures (now that the internet is back).  Shaban and I had fried chicken and French fries (chips over here), Karen had roast chicken (no gluten) and chips, and John had his special spaghetti dish that they automatically bring for him.  It is so much food that John always brings about half of it home and has two meals from it.  Not bad for a $7.00 lunch (including his Fanta).  John has to go back to Mwanza next week for yet another dentist appointment, but he had been so worried for so many years that his teeth were so bad that they would have to all be pulled, and he would have to wear dentures.  In the end, he needed two fillings, a root canal, and two crowns which is not bad for not having visited a dentist since he was about fourteen (he will be 40 in September).  Now that our internet is back up and running, John has to go to Musoma tomorrow to fix our internet provider’s email system so they can send out their bills.  --On a side note, and this may be the most important part of today’s blog, I used to get very frustrated and angry when Karen would leave the bathroom door open, the light on, or would borrow something of mine and then would not return it.  This went on for years until one night, she came up to me, kissed me, and said, "Please forgive me for every time I borrow and not return, leave the light on, leave the bathroom door open, or do something else that irritates you.  Whenever that happens, remember this kiss and that I have already asked your forgiveness."  Now, every time I find the bathroom door left open, I just smile and remember that kiss.  I pass this along so that you can use it.  It sure works for me.
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