Friday, April 18, 2014

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. -- Me

After working for others for almost a week, Karen started working feverishly on her own clothes to take on her trip back to the U.S.  You can see by the picture at the right that there are no electric wires connected to the sewing machine.  She is an incredible woman who works through and past her pain.  On another note, one of our staff came and asked for money yesterday.  This is not unusual since often family members die, get sick, or the staff needs to travel to a funeral.  What was unusual about this request was that she said she had been giving all her money to her daughter and that tomorrow (today now) was Good Friday, and she needed money to give to her church.  Of course, we gave her the money.  We laughed to together because I frequently say that pesa (money) is for me kipipao (butterfly) that I never really get to keep because it just flits into my hand and then flits away again quickly.  She thanked me for the money and said that her money was like a butterfly, too, using my own expression.  On yet another note, while our visitors were here they noticed that we had the DVD of "Gone With The Wind" and asked to see it.  Since we had owned it for over two years and had never gotten around to watching it, we agreed.  We did not remember that it was a four-hour movie, so we watched it over two nights.  After watching "Twelve Years A Slave" just a month ago, it seems that the two directors were making films that had no connection to each other.  GWTW pictured a South where the slaves were happy to be slaves and never were mistreated and happily joined the fight against the North.  Both films won multiple Oscars.  It makes you wonder, don't it?
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