Thursday, April 3, 2014

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

My lovely wife and beloved bride of almost 49 years (as of June 5th) is coming to the U.S.  She will be in Fayetteville for the entire month of May staying at the Mt. Sequoyah encampment.  She has no drivers license and no car, so she will need a lot of friends to help her get around.  She will be there primarily to get to know her three grandchildren.  She was last in the States in 2011, so two of her grandchildren are now three years older and one was born while she was here, and she has never seen, touched, or held him.  She needs some friends to offer to transport her around, and I think the best way to do that is to send her an email with your phone number (she will get a prepaid phone when she gets to Fayetteville) and the days or hours that you would be available to offer her transportation assistance.  She will be staying in a place with a kitchen, so she will need to go to the supermarket (we don’t have those here) once a  week or so.  She doesn’t like shopping, but she does like seeing her friends and would enjoy having a meal or two with those of you who know her, love her, and have missed her.   Please send her an email at  and let her know if you can assist her, want to see her, want to have a meal with her, want to visit, or want to take her to your school or church with you.  I will feel so much better if I know that she has a list of several good friends who will help me take care of her while she is in Arkansas.  Because of a heart condition, I was once unable to drive for three years, yet never had a problem getting anywhere because I had a list of friends and phone numbers.  I would like for her to have that, too.  My son and his wife will be doing a lot of the driving for her, so this shouldn’t be a big imposition, but it would ease her mind and mine if we knew she had resources available.  She will be staying at Redbud Cottage on the Mt. Sequoyah grounds.  Also, if anyone knows Ray Asfahl’s email or phone number, he is a good friend and lives right at the top of Mt. Sequoyah, but we have no way to contact him or his wife.  I know that she will be in God’s hands for the entire trip and now that she is 70 years old, I don’t know how many more of these are in the future, but I would sure feel better if I knew she had a circle of support in Northwest Arkansas.  You can also send me emails at
Thank you in advance for your prayers and help.  I’m sure that God’s hands include many of yours.  God bless you for caring.
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