Tuesday, March 11, 2014

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ― Gustave Flaubert

I am in Mwanza for the next three days, staying in a half star hotel (you don’t drink the water and you use the same towels for the whole time you are there) but it’s not too bad.  Shaban and I drove down to buy a new stove for the new kitchen, one with five gas burners and a big oven that allows the setting of a specific temperature.  We also bought a mixer for John to make more exciting things and to teach others.  Mom just wanted a Stanley box cutter and a 10mm drill bit for wood.  She got her wish.  Shaban went back to Bunda with the loot, and I stayed on.  I have a meeting tomorrow with Bishop Buhwahwa of the e3 Partners here in Mwanza.  Hopefully, we can iron out all that needs to be done prior to their mission group coming on April 5th, so things will move along smoothly.  Then on Thursday, I meet with Pastor Lista about the upcoming Montessori teaching seminar.  Friday, John has an appointment for a root canal and Karen will come down to swim and get her hair done and then take me back to Bunda.  Karen has already done one Montessori seminar for three preschools and on the first three days of April will do another for the two schools (Lista’s and one in Tireme) that didn’t make the first one.  Prior to that, Karen is hosting a sewing seminar to teach widows how to use the treadle machines that have been generously given by friends in the U.S.  Then, she will travel alone to the States landing in San Antonio, Texas, around April 24th.  She will be in Fayetteville, staying at Mt. Sequoyah for a month to visit with her grandchildren before she returns to Africa.  If it all works out, she will spend her birthday, June 2nd with Chris and Brenda in New York.  She will have no car and no driver’s license, so will need lots of volunteers to drive her around.  We feel confident that enough friends will offer help, so she isn’t stranded anywhere.  Other than that and my sister’s move to Texas tomorrow and my son’s move to California in a week or two, not much is going on, except for buying about 13 pair of breeding goats and delivering them.
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