Saturday, March 22, 2014

“There is nothing for getting something done like doing it.” ― Frank Wiggins (my father)

Today, Saturday, Karen held both a refresher seminar and introduced some new tools for the preschool teachers at our churches.  Some of the tools necessary for using the Montesorri method of teaching had not been ready at the time of the last workshop, and there were a couple of teachers who had not been able to stay the whole time.  So, Karen, tired and in pain as usual, invited about eight to ten of them to come back to learn to use the new tools she had made.  Yes, Karen made the trays and cut the nylon cord to make the handles, and hot glued the cord to the trays.  She can’t work as fast as she once did, but, as long as the Tylenol holds out, she will not stop.  Maya Angelou once was asked to write a book of poetry, but she said she couldn’t.  She was then told that she must be right, that it would be impossible for someone like her to write a book of poetry—so she wrote the first of thirty books to prove them wrong.  Karen is a lot like that—tell her she can’t do something because she is too old, or in too much pain, or that the materials just aren’t available, and she will do it.  She was told as a senior in high school that she couldn’t make it in college and a secretarial school was the best she could hope for.  She graduated four years later and went on to work on her Master’s Degree at the University of Arkansas.  She taught for over forty years and is still teaching—having decided not to go to secretarial school.  The teachers who came today were just thrilled to learn by doing just what the children will be asked to do.  You can see in the picture at right the little trays Karen made and how seriously each teacher is at learning how to do it just right.  God sure knew what he was doing when he made Karen gifted at teaching—and stubborn, too.  The children of Tanzania will never know how important it was for Karen to have been told that she couldn’t make it in college.  These children will never hear that they can’t make it because they have been blessed by God to have these schools in their churches with teachers who want to know every trick that Karen can teach them.  My Mama Africa is quite a woman, and I am blessed to have been with her for almost 49 years now.
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