Friday, March 7, 2014

“There is no such thing as a typical day in Tanzania.” ― Me

My day started around 2:00 A.M. this morning when the power went off and my CPAP machine stopped working which always wakes me up.  So, I went in to get online with my phone which works fairly well in the middle of the night.  While I was online, I discovered that my Australian missionary friend was also up in the middle of the night and online because her two-year-old was in “play” mode.  Then I got an urgent SMS asking for me to send some money by MPESA (a way to send money over the phone) from Bishop Monto so he could get to Magu to deal with an immigration issue involving our church’s registration.  Took care of that and then dropped my handkerchief (allergies are bad during rainy season) and bending over to pick it up, I fell out of my chair and smashed my knee and shoulder on the concrete floor and hit my head on the wooden door, waking Karen up.  She doctored me as best she could and went back to be because she, John, and Shaban were going to Mwanza today leaving at 7:00 A.M. (I was in no shape to go).  Karen was going to do water aerobics at a new swimming pool, get her hair done, have lunch, and do some shopping.  John had to get a new battery for his computer, shop at the wazungu grocery store, and look for a really good stove for our new kitchen as the one I had bought was woefully too small.  I finally had gotten back to sleep in spite of the pain when the phone rang.  I had written John a pre-signed check for the store that carried the stoves.  Problem was that that store didn’t have one, but the one next door did, but the one next door couldn’t take a check made out to another store.  I told them we would try again next week and managed to get back to sleep, so of course the phone rang again as soon as I dropped off.  Seems the store next door was willing to sell the stove to the store whose name was on the check and then that store would sell it to us.  How they were going to get the thing home with three people already in the car and a big cooler to bring home the frozen food from U-Turn (wazungu grocery store), I have no idea.  I am going to try to get some more sleep.  Maybe tomorrow, you will see a picture of the new stove, maybe not.  Tanzania is never boring.
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