Monday, March 17, 2014

“Teaching by doing is the best learning.” ― Me and somebody famous, I’m sure

We have eight widows here all learning to sew before each receives a sewing machine for her church and a pregnant goat for herself.  There is one widow from the Bunda church, but we have given four sewing machines to that church and each ended up in a member’s home being used just for that family, and each family had a husband with a job, so the Bunda member will not be receiving a sewing machine.  She will get a goat, and she will be welcome to come here to Maisha Na Maji anytime she wants to use the machine we keep here just for that purpose.  The women are so excited to be able to learn a trade that will allow them to keep their families fed and to allow their children to go to school with uniforms.  All this is thanks to friends in the U.S. and the U.K. who gave the sewing machines for us to give away.  The goats are thanks to the grandchildren of my cousin and his wife in Texas.  On a very, very sad note, my cousin Tommy’s youngest child, a young man of 33, died of a drug overdose yesterday.  This is not the cousin whose grandchildren sent the goats but is one of the cousins close to my age with whom I played as I grew up and the oldest boy in that family of twelve kids.  I cannot begin to know what he is going through right now, but all of our thoughts and prayers are with him.  I know of no greater grief than to lose a child.  I was depressed all day yesterday and didn’t know why.  I am now convinced that somehow I knew that something terrible had happened.  So, we are happy for the widows who are here and sad for my cousin and his family.  Keep them in your prayers.  The young man’s name was Eddie, but I’m sure God will know for whom you are praying.  Pray for the whole family as well, as death never just strikes one or two, but everyone who knew him and the family.  It is such a wonderful family that this becomes even more intense.  God be with them all.
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