Saturday, March 1, 2014

“Life is like a dirt road it doesn't matter where your going just as long as your car keeps running.” ― Wilson Mwita

We know about dirt roads here.  We only have one paved road and it’s the highway that bisects Bunda as it leads to Musoma in the north and to Mwanza in the south.  Wherever else we go, we drive on dirt—except during the rainy season which is now upon us.  In the picture at the right, there is no pavement under that water, only mud.  Most of our churches are out of our reach during the two to three months of the rainy season or what they call here the “long rains.”  The “short rains” come in late October and last through November.  These don’t destroy the roads as near as badly as the rainy season that lasts from March to mid-May.  The “long rains” cause flooding and destroy homes (especially all those made of mud bricks that weren’t fired, just sun dried).  Yet, people still travel.  Our previous car just couldn’t handle the conditions, but now we have one that will allow us not only to travel but to help other cars who got mired in the mud.  Just going from our mission into town can be an exciting journey during the long rains.  We were following the car in the picture and both of us made it where we were going although, truth be told, there were some in our car that didn’t think we were going to make it.  We pray a lot when we drive here rainy season or dry season.  Our roads are shared by everyone who needs to get somewhere, so there are pedestrians, donkeys, hand carts, bicycles, small motorbikes, other cars, trucks, and the buses that race by at breakneck speeds.  The car we have now, a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser, has four-wheel drive all the time with a low we can shift into if we get stuck and a differential lock we can engage with a push button on the dash instead of having to get out and manually lock each hub.  The moral of this story is that you don’t always get to chose the roads you travel, but you can make choices about what vehicle you use, and, in reference to the quote above, what counts is that your car keeps running and you keep going.  We may not be in the best of health and may have to do without a lot of things you think of as absolutely essential, but when God calls, you grab the best car you can if you’re going to follow His call on the dirt (and sometimes muddy) roads that this life gives you.  We may not be able to run on our own two legs, but we have a good car and a good driver and no matter the roads—we will go where God wants us to go.
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