Thursday, March 13, 2014

“God put us here, on this carnival ride. We close our eyes never knowing where it'll take us next.” ― Carrie Underwood

I am back home in Bunda.  I took a taxi back because my Thursday appointment cancelled and it cost the same to stay another night as to take a taxi back, and I wanted to go home.  The taxi driver, Edmund, is the guy to whom I gave an old computer to help him with night school.  He was so happy with it, he only asked me to pay for the petrol he used which I happily did.  Unfortunately, on the way back, we had a minor accident.  People here transport eight-foot stalks of sugar cane on the backs of their bicycles which take up a whole lane of traffic.  As we were about to pass a disabled truck on the side of the road, one of these cane-loaded bicycles pulled right in front of us.  Edmund managed to avoid hitting him but clipped the edge of the sugarcane damaging his car and knocking the bicycle rider to the ground.  We stopped and Edmund ran back to see about the guy, but he had already run away knowing he was in the wrong.  Happily, the only real damage was to the indicator light, and I readily paid the $30 it would cost to fix it.  No one knew I was coming home, so I got to surprise them.  They just loved the new stove for the new kitchen even though John had cut his hand pretty badly adjusting the feet so it would be level.  They also loved the new mixer, and we discovered that if can find someone in England to help us buy an attachment for it (it’s an English Kenwood mixer), we can grind our own non-gluten flour for Karen from several different sources.  I’m pretty sure we can find someone we can pay to buy the attachment and send it to us.  I had no idea when I bought it, how good a mixer it was (Kenwood has been making mixers since the 50’s) or how much it would help Karen with her gluten-free diet.  You can never convince me that God doesn’t send thank-you notes.  By the way, the picture of the puppy has nothing to do with the blog, but you can never miss with a cute puppy picture.
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