Wednesday, March 19, 2014

“Getting someone’s goat is not such a good thing. Giving someone a goat can be a wonderful thing.” ― Me and Mama Africa

The widows have all gone back to their homes in Kabasa, Muranda, Karikakari, Bunda, and points west.  They take more than just sewing machines because they also got scissors, zippers, glue, and tools to repair the machines.  They also took three days of training (and a couple of nights where they practiced on their own).  Not a single one of them believed that they could make a buttonhole or put in a zipper, but when they left, every single one of them could and had done it.  Getting the dolladolla (little bus) drivers to agree to take the goats was a problem, but Shaban solved it by hiring a private car whose owner wasn’t so picky.  None of the women knew they were also getting a goat as well and they cried in their joy.  It was a very significant three days.  We never know which project is the one for which God brought us here, but this one could certainly be that one.  The women from Bunda left for a bit this morning and returned with a bag of oranges as a gift for Karen.  Only in this culture could you understand what a magnificent and sacrificial gift that was.  Twelve families will not only survive but will be able to thrive.  These women can now hold their heads up in their villages for they no longer need the charity of others to keep their children fed.  They received dignity, hope, and a future from three days and less than a thousand dollars worth of gifts from friends in the U.S.  Sewing machines from friends of Karen and goats from the grandchildren of a cousin and his wife in Houston.  Christ never commanded that we feed or change the world, just that we help one person in need, and the gifts from these Americans with big hearts have done more than that.  We can do some things on our own here, but things like this, well, we just couldn’t do them without the help and love of caring people in the States.  We thank you.  We pray that God lets you feel the smiles of these beautiful women as they thank you with their prayers.  Just take a minute to look at the picture at the right.  It should make you happy that such good, Christian work is going on here thanks to you.
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