Monday, March 24, 2014

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.” ― Maria Montessori

Karen spent the morning teaching the teachers and the students of our morning preschool here of the benefits of using the Montessori method of teaching.  She invited the pastors to come watch and her enthusiasm, passion, and skill carried the day.  Resistance to change is endemic here, but she refuses to allow that to become a real obstacle when she knows how important the change is to the children.  The teachers were all taught with the rote (read routine and boring) method of teaching and know no other, so even armed with new information and learning, they are still reluctant to try something new.  We have run into this with biosand filters, sanitation and hygiene training, and just about every new kind of learning and technology we have introduced.  It can be frustrating, but you just have to stick with it and demonstrate over and over.  Once one or two become converted, it spreads quickly.  The rest of the day we paid our electric bill (sort of silly when you consider how often we don’t have electricity), getting our propane tanks filled, buying a new phone chip to help with our “phone only” internet we have at the present, and installing a few springs on doors we need to keep closed.  There were also visits to the fundis (craftsmen) working on various projects for us—there has to be continual oversight or our projects get shoved to the back burner.  The power went out for just a bit this morning—probably just as Shaban was trying to pay the bill because he said their systems were all down.  We have to shop daily here (like most of the rest of the world) and one of the little local shops has started carrying Coke Zero which is a plus for those of us avoiding sugar—especially when tea and water are the only other two choices.  The puppy is now old enough to be house broken and we are all pitching in, avoiding puddles and rushing the cute little fellar outside at the first sign of piddling.  In the meantime, it is best to avoid the little towels you find on our floor.  The joys of parenthood—in all its forms.
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