Monday, March 10, 2014

“e3 Partners is committed to exceptional stewardship of God’s people, opportunities, resources and knowledge to Equip God’s people to Evangelize His world by Establishing His church.” ― from their website

Some years ago, we had a group called “e3 Partners” (check our their website) who came here for an evangelizing mission.  They brought 25 people, 16 of which stayed with us for about ten days.  They worked with seven local churches and many local pastors and evangelists, and in seven short days they had brought 1,200 people from Bunda to accept Jesus Christ as their savior.  They even baptized about 500 of these in Lake Victoria.  It was one of the best groups with the best leaders we have ever had here.  Now, we have a group of eight leaders coming back including their bishop here in Tanzania, Bishop Buhwahwa, who lives in Mwanza.  They are coming back to learn how to make biosand filters, the molds to make the filters, and to take this information (and molds) to the remote parts of Tanzania where they work to add bringing clean, safe drinking water to their mission.  We have never been as excited as we are about this opportunity.  Since Jerry Buckingham built the first biosand filter in 2006 (we still use it in our kitchen), we have been praying for this wonderful and simple technology to spread.  We supplied a mold to Arusha, but that has been sitting idle, as least up to now.  We supplied one to Geita, but those missionaries were called back to Germany and that mold is also sitting idle (as far as we know).  This group, consisting of three North Americans, one person from the U.K., and four Tanzanians will be coming on April 5th and staying until April 8th.  They will be leaving with at least one good mold, the instructions on how to build others, and the knowledge and experience of building at least two biosand filters.  We will also be sending them with some of the laminated care and maintenance sheets we put on each of our filters and they will make their own copies.  A truly dedicated group is wanting to spread the biosand filter program to the far reaches of Tanzania.  I will be in Mwanza tomorrow to meet with their bishop and to confirm just what we can do for them, and what they can do with local materials.  God is so good—all the time.
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