Thursday, March 6, 2014

“Christmas can come anytime of the year here.” ― Me

Several of our friends and family send us care packages from time to time.  Almost all missionaries get them as there are so many things we are used to from home that are not available here.  Our friends in South Carolina, Chris and Cami Smith are very good about sending at least one or two packages a year, and they always include tee shirts for our staff and usually some stuff that is only available in South Carolina.  They have led two groups here for some very successful mission work.  We also have good friends in Boston, Mike and Sandy Flanagan, who were once parishioners of the church I pastored there a couple of decades ago.  We have stayed friends ever since and Mike is the Vice-President of the One Book Foundation which supports our mission here.  And, of course, there is my daughter-in-law, Brenda, who sends us packages several times a year.  This year, each of these sent a package, with Brenda sending two.  Now it takes about three weeks for each package to get here.  Shaban has a friend who works in customs here and calls him whenever we get a package.  He called yesterday to tell us we had a package but it was too late to go get it as it takes a couple of hours to go through all the paperwork.  Shaban went down to get it and immediately texted me that there were FOUR packages there.  Sure enough between yesterday and today, the package from Cami (you can see her in the picture next to the Christmas tree standing near me), the package from Mike, and the two packages from Brenda all arrived on the same day.  Our living room looked like the aftermath of Christmas morning (hence the picture at the right).  There is not enough room here to list everything that was sent, but included were medicines, good scissors, good knives, gluten free flour and pasta for Karen, computer stuff for John, artificial sweetener for me, a mother-lode of garlic salt (can’t get it here), clothing, stuff for Karen’s school, shirts for the staff, sugar-free candy, a box of gluten free Brownie Mix (John and I will not get to taste that), and more stuff than you can imagine.  We are so blessed to be so loved, remembered, and to have family and friends who take such good care of us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  To say it lifted our spirits would be a gross understatement.  God sends thank you notes, and you can take that to the bank.
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