Friday, March 21, 2014

“Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.” ― Maya Angelou

Every day we are beset by almost sixty orphans and poor children who are among the happiest people in the world.  They laugh and sing and arrive almost an hour early for school.  They wear their uniforms proudly (and the shoes my cousin Charles and his wife Adrienne bought for them).  No one has told them they cannot be anything they want to be.  No one has told them they cannot have an education, that they cannot learn English, that their poverty and poor situation should leave them bitter and in despair.  They can always see the rainbow that God puts in every cloud, but more importantly than that—they can be the rainbows in someone else’s cloud.  There are times, many times, when missionaries become depressed because the tasks at hand are so great, the obstacles so many, the money so little, and because there is no one telling them that they are doing a good job, a great job, or even an adequate job.  Day follows day with more news of death and sickness affecting our workers, our neighbors, and our families back in the United States.  And yet, no matter how down we become, the medicine for our depression lies not in a pill or a bottle, but in just one child.  All it takes is a short walk up to the school or many days just being quiet and listening to the laughter and loud learning (the preschoolers like to shout their lessons and songs).  The children have within them an eternal spring, a well of hope, a heart so full of love and happiness that it cannot be kept captive but must spring forth as a rainbow to those of us who can only see the clouds.  Try telling the little girl in the picture at the right that she is not loved, is not smart, is not loved by God and all the adults in her life.  She only has to smile at you and you see the rainbow in your cloud.  God puts the rainbows in the cloud and through the lives of simple people like ourselves, put rainbows in the lives of others through the children that visit us here every day.  How blessed we are.
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