Sunday, March 16, 2014

“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.” ― Jonathan Lockwood Huie

One day, the puppy on the farm was so happy he could hardly contain himself.  He had just been given the freedom to run around the farm, so he ran up to the horse and said, “Hi, I’m a puppy, what are you?”  The horse said, “I am a horse, the most important animal on the farm.  I pull the plow for the master and pull his wagon into town to sell his produce.  You are just a puppy, you do nothing.  Do not bother me.”  The puppy was sad for a while, but puppies cannot stay sad for long and soon he saw a cow grazing nearby.  He rushed up to the cow and said, “I am a puppy, what are you?”  The cow looked down at the puppy and said, “I am a cow and the most important animal on the farm.  I give the master milk to drink and to turn into cheese so he can both eat, drink and sell what I produce.  You are just a do-nothing puppy.  You have no place on this farm.”  The puppy went away sad once more, and once more didn’t stay sad for long.  Soon he saw a chicken pecking away at the corn on the ground.  The puppy rushed up to the bird and said, “I’m a puppy, what are you?”  The chicken replied, “I am a chicken and the most important animal on the farm.   I give eggs every single day so that the master can eat and sell them in town.  You produce nothing.  You have no place here.”  The puppy walked away sadly and laid down on the porch to sleep, as puppies need to sleep a lot.  Later, the master came home, tired and worn out from work.  The puppy, forgetting the hurts of the day, rushed up the master wagging his tail.  The master lifted the puppy up and the puppy licked the master’s face.  The master, smiled, and said, “You, little one, give me such joy that I can never feel sad.  I feel you licking me and know that you love me.  No animal on the farm is as important as you are for you bring happiness and love with no questions asked.”  He put the puppy down and went into the house.  The puppy’s heart was full to bursting because he now knew what he gave the master.  He might be the smallest animal on the farm, but he gave unconditional love, and there is no greater gift.  He went back to sleep a very, very happy puppy.
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