Wednesday, March 12, 2014

“A great strategy meeting is a meeting of minds.” ― Max McKeown

I used to hate meetings but that was before the meetings became about the best ways of answering God’s call to mission.  I had a really terrific meeting with Bishop Buhwahwa of e3 Partners in Mwanza today at my favorite Chinese restaurant right on Lake Victoria.  We both share the same passion for mission and for reaching the people of Tanzania not only with God’s Word but also with His Love.  It is hard to save the souls of people who have already died of cholera or typhoid or diphtheria—all water borne diseases that our biosand filters can eliminate completely.  The problem is now and always has been getting the word out, training people to make them, and teaching people how to use and maintain them.  e3 Partners is up for tackling this task.  We will be selling them one of our molds (for enough for us to make a new one—we can’t afford to give one away, they cost almost $1,000 to make) and giving them all the pertinent information to make others, especially now that they will have one that we know works well and has produced good biosand filters.  They will be taking them to the Masaai people not too far from Arusha and from another area not too far from us.  The picture is of of the Bishop getting a phone call as soon as he sat down.  Then I got one, so we both agreed to turn our phones off for the remainder of the meeting which lasted almost two hours.  We had a lot of details to cover.  He wanted to know why we had not included the cost of teaching the team about the filters and was a little surprised to hear that we wouldn’t charge anything, as they were helping to carry out our mission.  We will also be giving them samples of the printed material we give out so they can copy those or have people back in the U.K. or the U.S. do it for them.  We would have hated to part company except that we knew we would see each other again in about three weeks.  The miracle continues, Jerry.  This was huge.
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