Saturday, February 1, 2014

“You can’t always get what you want, but you frequently get what you need.” — The Rolling Stones and Me

Things are slowing down a bit after spending almost a month in Dar Es Salaam waiting for my new passport and then sending Karen home a week early to get ready for her seminar.  We have some biosand filter deliveries for next week, John has to go back to the dentist for some more fillings, and John and I both need to visit the computer store in Mwanza for repairs and replacements.  The internet is still down, TTCL (the national phone company) is saying the fiber optic lines in Bunda will be connected by Wednesday of next week but we just don’t much believe them.  Robi Machaba, the head of Juasun (our internet provider) is an African-American who has become a Tanzanian citizen and has lived here for over thirty years.  He is a good friend who has John teaching his workers, and he is working on putting solar lights into remote villages.  He spent a few hours with me last week and we discovered we had a lot in common as he had lived in Boston just before moving here.  He is meeting with the TTCL people and told me he would keep me up to date on the progress there.  John’s residence permit expires in two weeks, so we are working on getting all the paperwork required for that put together.  They only take American money ($550 per permit), but we had my cousin Charles bring us the American money when he visited last year, so we are good to go with that.  John also got some new glasses from the first real optometrist in Mwanza who just opened shop a couple of months ago.  On a happy note, I have already heard from one person in the U.S. who wants to keep our scholarship program going and has promised to pay for one student for two years.  She is also going to ask some groups to help.  As I remember, Jesus said, “Ask, and the door will be opened.”  We asked—the door opened.  Amen.
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