Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Water and sanitation problems have reached boiling point: children are dying unnecessarily at the rate of 20 jumbo jets crashing every single day." — Ravi Narayanan

We cannot solve the enormity of the problems listed in the quote above, but we can provide clean, safe drinking water to about 30 people a day from one of our biosand water filters developed by Jerry Buckingham of Arkansas.  We recently placed fifty filters in the schools in the town of Nansio (a gift from a Rotary Club in England) and over the years have placed more than 300 of these filters that we build right here on the grounds of our mission.  That means that about 9,000 people now have safe water to drink because of our filter project.  The filters are fairly simple to operate, easy to install, have no moving parts and can last a lifetime.  Our own family is still using the first biosand filter that Jerry built back in 2006 so for eight years it has been producing clean water every day and preventing us from getting cholera, typhoid, and other water borne diseases.  Karen had the idea of printing up the full color cartoon instructions (one page of which is in the photo at right) but we did not have the money or the facilities to make color copies and laminate them.  Thanks to Adrienne Lyons of Houston, Texas, we now have hundreds of laminated, full color copies that will be attached to every filter we place from now on.  We can teach people to use them in just one hour, but if that person dies or moves on, we usually never hear that we need to reteach.  These laminated instructions and warnings will always be attached to the lid of every filter we place from now on.  The fifty biosand filters at Nansio all had these attached.  Thanks to the caring and concern from a woman who only visited here for a couple of hours, thousands of African children will have clean, safe drinking water with instructions in Swahili attached to the filter itself.  Thank you, Adrienne.  The children thank you.  Many lives that would have been lost to cholera or typhoid will be saved.  It may not seem like much to make, laminate, and ship copies of instructions from Texas to Bunda, but it is a very big deal.  Caring comes in many forms.

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