Thursday, February 20, 2014

“The sun after the rain is much beautiful than the sun before the rain!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

When it is raining it seems like it will never stop, but it always does no matter whether it has caused damage or brought new life to growing things or both.  Here, like in the picture at the right, everything seems so new and clean and in sharp focus after the rain.  The rain always knocks out our television, almost always knocks out our power, and with the high winds that usually accompany it, damages people’s houses and our thatching on the roof.  We can fix the thatching, but some folks who live in mud huts lose their house or a wall will fall in.  We have lost churches under construction because the rain was so fierce (“mkali” in Swahili”).  Still, we it is one of those things over which we have no control.  We do have control over how we react to it, prepare for it, and suffer through it.  In the picture at the right you can see red and white striped and green awnings that we drape over the windows to keep the rain out.  We don’t have glass in our windows and horizontal rain (more often than not) makes floors into rivers and gets everyone behind a mop.  It’s better to have awnings we car roll down, and it is always a joy to see them roll up the next day to let the sunshine in.  The rainy season is starting and we will now see and feel rain almost every day until mid to late April.  Still, as my grandmother used to say, no storm lasts forever.  It wasn’t raining yesterday when we had our Canadian/Finnish missionary friends and the television was working and they got to see Finland win its first gold medal in cross country skiing—something both of them had done.  They were quite happy.  Today, after the rain, we had to repair the generator, we have lost our television for a few days till the repair man can get here from a nearby town, but I still made it to Musoma (rained all the way there and back), got our monthly check cashed, bought groceries, and learned it will be another two weeks before we get our internet back (this is through my phone—very, very slow), and another two weeks until our residence permits arrive.  Maybe everything good is just two weeks away.  We have packages coming from New York, from Boston, and from South Carolina and they should all arrive in another two weeks.  I guess we can make another two weeks—at least we have good things coming, and that’s, to me, thank you notes from God.
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