Thursday, February 13, 2014

“More times than not, that about which we worry comes to nothing. The only people who get hurt are ourselves for worrying and not trusting God.” ― Me

To quote my old buddy Billy Shakespeare, “All’s Well That Ends Well.”  After Shaban and pastor Nyansa spent three days and two nights dealing with immigration, everything is not only all right, but the chief of immigration gave John a new designation and dropped his fee from $550 to $300.  I will confess to spending a couple of nervous nights, but in the end it all turned out swimmingly.  Neither Karen nor I nor John have anything on paper except for the receipts for the payments we made and no stamps in our passports, but then neither do hundreds of others who are still waiting for their permits as well.  The immigration officer said that when John or any of us wanted to leave the country (John is flying to New York for a week in April) to bring the airline tickets and he would stamp the passport if the permits themselves hadn’t arrived by then.  There was no blog yesterday because we still do not have internet in Bunda and all of Vodacom (our phone carrier whose internet we use) was down in our area for about eight hours yesterday.  I couldn’t even call Shaban in Musoma which worried me as well until I found out no one was calling anyone—at least not on Vodacom.  Bishop Monto is coming by today to meet with me about some church politics, which I hate, but which must be discussed and plans made.  One pastor and one evangelist and one church member will probably be removed from our rolls because of their actions.  It saddens me when this happens, but I saw the same thing in the United Methodist church in Arkansas on several occasions.  One Sunday, the man would be a pastor in good standing, and the next Sunday would have surrendered his credentials and just be a layman of shaky standing.  Usually the problems would involve embezzlement or sins of the flesh with parishioners, but sometimes they were even more involved.  It is sad, but it happens as we are all humans and prone to imperfection and weakness.  What is important is that it is not overlooked by the church but dealt with quickly and fairly. 
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