Friday, February 14, 2014

“I can never resist telling people good news. I mean, why not brighten someone else's life too?” ― Sophie Kinsella

Lusi worked for us for almost seven years and then left at the end of August of 2012 to take three months maternity leave, so she would be back with us at the first of December 2012.  Sadly, this was not to be.  Her pregnancy dragged on and on and on.  Her tribal superstitions and her family refused to let her see a doctor or have ultrasound.  She stayed pregnant for over a year and a half.  Last month, thank God, she finally delivered, on her own, a baby that had been dead for well over a year.  She lost a lot of blood, but she survived.  We had told her that her job here was waiting for her however long it took.  I would send money to help her out while she was gone so long and had no income.  During this absence from us, her husband died, leaving her with three young children (all boys) and a painful existence due to her health condition.  We never stopped paying her social security the whole time she was gone.  This morning, she came back to tell us that the doctor would allow her to come back to work on April 1st of this year.  We all hugged and cried.  We gave her some money to tide her over until she can work again, but for now, she has to rest and rebuild the red blood cells she lost.  She is staying with Juliana’s brother, and Anglican priest whose own wife died just five months ago.  She thanks God for her deliverance and thanks all those in the U.S. who knew of her problems and were praying for her.  She especially thanked Patricia Harlan of Jonesboro, Arkansas, who taught her to say “Okey, dokey!”  She is still young (just thirty) while Juliana is nearing sixty, so Juliana will be thrilled as well.   Juliana is gone for three days to celebrate the wedding of her niece who is the daughter of her brother, Father Stephen, who is caring for Lusi.  God is good—all the time.
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