Monday, February 24, 2014

"Clean water, the essence of life and a birthright for everyone, must become available to all people now." — Jean-Michel Cousteau

We delivered two biosand filters today to our Canadian/Finnish missionary friends out at Balumba, about 30 kilometers due west of Bunda.  We had already given them one for their family’s use, but one of their mission projects is a cafe attached to their house and they wanted two for cafe use—and for the use of their staff and the cafe’s staff.  The clean water will be used for cooking, for hand washing, for dish washing, and for drinking both by customers and staff.  Shaban had the three women employees of the cafe, the church pastor, and one other man as students and taught them for about an hour about every aspect of the biosand filters.  Sam, the missionary who ordered the filters (gifts from us), was so impressed with Shaban’s teaching that he insisted on giving the amount he would have paid for the filters.  It is difficult to give gifts to people who give gifts at the same rate we do and for the same purposes.  Every time Sam and his family stay with us in Bunda overnight or for a couple of nights, he always tries to pay us and we always refuse.  Whenever he and his wife fix us pizza in the brick oven he built, we try to pay him and he refuses.  Sam and Saara have three sons, one of whom is back in Canada (the oldest), and the next one down, Nicholas, is leaving in a few weeks to go to Finland to start his college career.  That will leave only Isaac who is around eleven or twelve here.  We brought him back with us today because his dad has business that will allow him to pick Isaac up around six and take him back home.  Isaac loves it here because he and John play Minecraft together and for a few hours speak a language only the two of them know.  We are happy to help other missionaries in any way we can.  Only those who have sacrificed almost everything to live in fairly primitive conditions can share the emotions, upsets, joys, and hope that comes from this kind of life.  We honor and respect all those who have answered the call to foreign mission.  God bless us, every one, to quote Tiny Tim from Dicken’s “Christmas Carol.”
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