Friday, January 17, 2014

“There is nothing you can do about the past except keep it there.”― Michael Connelly

Karen and I have had a wonderful couple of weeks here in hot and muggy Dar Es Salaam.  Our first real vacation since 2005, and while we spent most of the time here in the hotel, it has been nice.  Karen has had massages (not deep tissue), facials, room service banana splits, dates with me at restaurants, and swimming aerobics in a room temperature pool.  The staff here love her and always ask about her when she is not with me.  She has managed to buy some things for John and for her upcoming teaching seminar.  She will be back in Bunda by lunchtime tomorrow, while I remain at my post here, waiting for an email from the embassy.  I hope to get my renewed passport on Monday or Tuesday, so I should be home next week sometime.  As a retired missionary told me, you should not worry ABOUT THINGS YOU CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT (the capital letters were his—for emphasis).  He’s right.  It won’t be as much fun without Karen here, but I can wait with the best of them, especially if there is air-conditioning.  The concierge is making sure that their best driver (also speaks the best English) will take Karen to the airport at 3:00 A.M. tomorrow.  She must be there by four in the morning for a flight that leaves at six.  She will be in Mwanza at 7:30 A.M. and John and Shaban will be waiting for her.  She still has about thirteen breeding pair of goats to give away, a seminar on teaching preschool to host for the teachers at the preschools in our churches along with some of the parents.  She will be using some of Maria Montessori’s methods to help these little kids begin to learn and expand their worlds with their own curiosity.  While I am getting a tad tired of hotel food, Karen will be getting back to John’s gourmet cooking.  There are also puppies to be cared for as well.  I still have books to read and a Kindle account to get more if I need them.  I will probably fly back by way of Arusha to see Pete for a day and to pick up my Ethiopian cross that I left there last September.  I’ve been missing that cross and will love to have a day with Pete before I go home.  Keep Karen in your prayers as she travels.  If you hadn’t figured it out yet, the new passport has not yet arrived—so I continue to wait, but not in line, so there is that.
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