Saturday, January 4, 2014

"One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats." —Iris Murdoch

We had an unexpected small treat last night.  The hotel driver, Frank, said he was taking us to the Sea Cliff Restaurant where lots of non-Africans go and where they had good steaks.  Karen and I dressed up appropriately.   The drive to the restaurant was right along the beach (we passed Coco Beach for anyone who has been here) and then found out that Sea Cliff was the name of an area and not the restaurant.  We were expecting a rather fancy place but wound up in an African version of Western Sizzlin’.  Clicking on the picture at the right will show you how Karen and I were dressed and what the restaurant looked like on the inside.  It was sort of Southwestern with metal cacti on the walls and pinto-like material on the backs of the chairs.  The food was good and not expensive, but we almost felt like we were back in the U.S., but we don’t know anywhere in the U.S. that has decor done quite as badly as that we encountered.  Still, they served steaks and baked potatoes even though you ordered them off some rather garishly decorated menus.  We had a good time in spite of it all.  We were certainly the best dressed diners there that night, and we looked good going from and coming back to the hotel—so there is that.  Perhaps the most interesting part of the trip for us was to be driving at night with lights all along the roads—so different from Bunda where everything is black as pitch after dark.  Which reminds me, we got word today that our electric bill is being increased by 40% (a nationwide hike) which is making solar power look even better.  We may not be able to power the whole compound, but every increase will help, and it’s not just about the cost—it’s also about the reliability and not having to run the generator as often will also reduce our costs.  The less we have to pay for utilities the more we can spend on the mission we are about.  
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