Wednesday, January 8, 2014

“It's not the surprise that matters, it's how you react to it.” ― Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

Oh yes, the package in the picture at right is the package that made it in four days from NYC to Dar Es Salaam but took twenty-one days to get from the airport here to the hotel.  It arrived this morning to the delight of everyone at the hotel who has been helping us and, of course, we are very happy, too.  Karen had a taxi driver, Frank, who was going to take her to a place where she could buy a swimsuit this morning.  Karen decided to go the mall anyway (after a swim) because she felt so good, she felt like shopping.  So, she took some money and left with Frank who promised to stay with her in the mall.  She is getting some socks for John and that’s all I know.  I’ll find out later what struck her fancy.  I was only expecting one swim suit and cover and a new iPad case in the package, but Brenda, my daughter-in-law, had included sugar-free LifeSavers and Werthers, as well as a new pair of cargo pants for me.  There was also a Blu-Ray (don’t know what Blu-Ray is—ask a teenager) of a production of Handel’s “Messiah” that I have wanted to see.  She also sent two swim suits and two coverups, one in black and white and one in blue and white.  They fit Karen perfectly and she is one happy camper today—and when Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.  We had to pay customs about $8.00 USD for the whole package which was date stamped for delivery on January 2nd, so after sitting in the DHL office for fifteen days, they set it for delivery which only took another six days.  This from a company that advertises fast shipments.  We no longer believe them.  I have a friend in Arkansas who works for FedEx, and I think he made a wise choice of employer.  We can’t thank Brenda enough, or the hotel staff (up to and including the general manager of the hotel) who helped us get our package.  It will make the waiting a positive thing.  We do not thank DHL or its employees.  Is that harsh?  I don’t think so.
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