Thursday, January 2, 2014

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Well, today I did what Eleanor Roosevelt says to do, I went to a mall (remember the mall that was part of an attack in Nairobi?) in Dar Es Salaam and drove past the old U.S. Embassy that was bombed in 1998.  I guess my driver, Frank, saw how nervous I was because he walked me into the mall and stayed with me while we went from store to store.  The Apple store was chained and locked and empty.  Strike one.  The first Samsung store didn’t have any cases that fit my phone.  Strike two.  The second Samsung store (at the other end of the mall) also didn’t have any cases because my phone is so old, they said (it came out in 2011).  Strike three.  With my feet giving me fits, I did see a pharmacy that was able to supply the medicine we forgot and left in Bunda—so, a base on balls.  Karen found a seamstress that works for the hotel who was able to do what she wanted with her skirt and now Mama is happy.  She was pretty happy last night with her banana split delivered to the room that she ate in bed while watching TV.  She said she felt like a queen yesterday and that made me happy.  Our driver has recommended a good restaurant called the Sea Cliff for tonight, so we have another date (and at our age, too).  Frank, our driver, said lots of non-Africans go there because the food is good and nowhere as expensive as it is in the hotel.  He says they have good steaks, but I’ll be the judge of that.  I haven’t had a good steak since the last time I was in New York and Boston, so we will see.  Bishop Byamungu of the Tanzanian Methodist Church (he and I put together the Methodist coalition in Tanzania) came by the hotel with his wife to visit.  He also brought the young man in charge of children’s education at the church, so he and Karen had a lot to talk about.  This Sunday, he is coming by to pick us up so that I can preach at his church.  They have about 400 members which makes it the largest Methodist church in Tanzania by far.  Now I have sermon preparation to work in amidst the resting and reading I’ve been doing.  Tomorrow morning early, I have an 8:00 A. M. appointment at the U.S. embassy to get this passport thing underway.  Oh, the DHL package was at the airport where it has been since the 19th of December, but they say we still have to wait 48 hours before they can deliver it.  I’m becoming a non-fan of DHL, still Karen will get her swimsuit tomorrow and can start using the pool which will make her happy again.  I can’t find anyone who knows the name of the little island in the picture at the right, so I am naming it Hugo for Hugo the Hippo, a strange little film from the seventies. 
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