Tuesday, December 17, 2013

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can be grateful that thorn bushes have roses.” ― Tom Wilson

It is very quiet here today, a day to take some time to smell the roses growing near our gate.  The wedding excitement is all gone, the last of the rented chairs were taken out yesterday on a three-wheeled motorbike, and all is quiet at our neighbor’s house.  John and Shaban are in Musoma today working with the internet supplier and John is also teaching.  Karen has discovered a favorite radio show she can now get on her iPad and is sitting up in bed with earphones on listening to it and playing solitaire on her device.  It is cold for us, so she is in her flannel nightie covered with blankets.  By cold for us, I mean it is about 68 degrees with no sun and a light breeze.  There will be rain later in the day.  Yesterday, Karen showed Charlini the movie “Polar Express” and Charlini just loved it even though it was in English.  Some stories don’t really need words.  I am working on our plans for our trip to Dar Es Salaam in a couple of weeks to get my passport renewed.  We will be there for about two weeks waiting for the new passport to go back to the U.S. for a computer chip to be installed and then sent back to us.  It used to just take one day, but technology sometimes slows things down instead of speeding them up, so we will take some “rose smelling” time and relax.  Our last real break like this was in November of 2005.  I guess it’s time for another.  Mostly, we will just stay in the hotel reading, listening to radio shows on the internet, swimming, and relaxing, except for my appointment at the Embassy to get the ball rolling on January 3rd.  We are flying down on the 31st (no flights available on the 1st) and should return on January 14th if all goes well.  I am supposed to preach at the big Methodist church in Dar Es Salaam, but that still has to be sorted.  I’m taking my African preaching robe just in case.  Tomorrow, a trip to Mwanza to the mission dentist for what I hope is a short and painless visit, but who knows?  Today, we smell the roses like the one in the picture at the right that is one of many growing here.

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