Monday, December 9, 2013

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ― Mother Teresa

Often, as we are surrounded here by overwhelming poverty, disease, and death, we feel as if we are doing nothing to help.  Not true of course, but the problems are so vast and the little we can do seems to be just "ripples" from the Mother Teresa quote.  Five years ago, our security guard, Amos (in the center of the picture at the right), asked if his two boys could join Karen's English class although he had no money to pay for the fees (about $8 a boy), and, of course, Karen took them into her class.  They did very well and were at the top of the class by its end.  Since then, Amos, has been sending them to a private school that is pretty cheap for this area, just about $7.00 per boy per month.  So, for the past five years, I have been giving Amos an extra $15 every month to pay for what he calls "tooshun" (tuition).  They are now finishing this month what would be about the eighth grade in America.  He brought me their report cards today, so very proud.  Out of a class of 200, the boys rank third and fourth.  They have done so well that they are skipping a grade and starting what would be tenth grade in America.  Of course, this comes with increased cost so now I am paying $10.00 per boy per month.  It's all that I do--the boys do all the work and their father encourages them and supports them.  Handing Amos 30,000Tsh ($20) once a month doesn't seem like much, and, to me, seems like almost nothing.  Yet, this is one of those ripples that are creating even more ripples.  I write this blog every day not knowing if anyone will read it or if it will make any difference in anyone's life, but I do it anyway.  It is difficult to leave a comment on the blog itself and only a few make comments and only rarely, yet just today I got an email from someone who not only reads it but shares it with her church.  You never know how far the ripples from the small stone you throw into the still pond will reach.  I'll keep doing the little things I do here, like writing the blog, and you keep doing the little things that Mother Teresa says "create many ripples."

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