Saturday, December 28, 2013

“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.” ― Jonathan Lockwood Huie

We didn’t wrap the gifts we gave today, they came pre-wrapped.  Today, we gave the first two pair of breeding goats to neighbors whose plight was known to us.  The picture at right show the widow, her children, and her sisters who help as much as they can.  The little boy (the one without clothing) lost his father just two days after he was born, so he has never known him.  The goats will allow that little baby boy to grow and to go to school, something other children in his situation never get to do.  As you can see from the picture (clicking on it will take you to four more including the man with leprosy who also received goats today) the women understand the significance of the gift.  This house is very close to ours and we wave at the children every time we drive by, but we only recently learned of the death of the father.  We knew a neighbor had died, but we didn’t know which one until just a few weeks ago.  This was truly a gift from God, aided by His children, some of whom live in Texas.  We also gave goats to a male neighbor who has a form of leprosy that keeps him from working and has caused his family to disown him.  He has been struggling by begging and was brought to our attention by another neighbor.  Soon, he will never have to beg anymore thanks to the kindness of people he will never know or see.  We cannot say thank you enough to truly express our feelings for those of you who gave us the funds to buy these goats.  We have to time our purchases around the goat sales that only take place twice a month in order to not only get good pairs of breeding goats, but pairs where the female is already pregnant, in effect giving three goats instead of two.  We will be repeating today’s activities several times over the next two months until all fifteen pair of goats have been given to their new owners.  So, two down, thirteen to go.  We have missionary friends who raise goats so they can give them away, but after seeing how much work that is, we are quite happy to assist those of you who want to help by buying and delivering the goats—not raising them.  Part of the twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew was accomplished today.  These people were hungry but now are fed.  God bless all who gave and who give wherever you are.
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