Wednesday, December 18, 2013

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” ― Steve Maraboli

Had a very good day in Mwanza today.  Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania and was never designed for the traffic (auto and human) created by the hundreds of thousands of people living, working, and shopping there.  Still, the Tanzanian dentist was very good and very gentle (there are no anesthetics here) and got my crown glued back in place.  I not only paid him the $75 he charged for his work (all the profits go to Bridge2Aid, a dental charity in East Africa) but I matched it with a donation to the charity.  When the British dentists are not here, only Tanzanians will come to the clinic—all the white folk go somewhere else.  Not sure what that means, but I bet you can figure it out.  I think he’s great.  Got a new cover for my Android phone for $2.00 (hard to beat that price), sat with John and Shaban while they ate lunch at the Chinese restaurant right on the lake (my tooth wasn’t ready yet).  Then, in typical Wiggins fashion, I bought Karen a new MacBook Air to replace the six-year-old heavy plastic computer she has been struggling with for years.  I say in typical Wiggins fashion because I gave it to her as soon as I got in the door—none of this waiting for Christmas morning.  There is now an Apple store in Mwanza and the guy gave me a really good deal.  I was also blessed to run into an old missionary friend, Dan Tanner, who used to live in Musoma but has built a large orphanage just outside of Mwanza.  Our paths rarely cross, but it is always good to see another missionary who shares the same passion for Christ and the people here.  Went shopping at the wazungu (non-African) store and FOUND A TURKEY.  We will have turkey for Christmas dinner.  It cost almost $75.00 but this is only our second turkey in eight years so that works out to about $20 a year for turkey meals.  We are so blessed.  We also got word that former missionaries and guests here had donated money through Paypal, some to give to our staff for Christmas and some just because the man who gave it said that we needed it worse than he did.  God bless all who give.  They will never know what a lift it gives us to be able to give to others when our funds have all been spent (okay, I bought the computer with money my mother left me when she died last September, but Karen deserved it, by golly).  Still, I was spending it on others and loved giving it to her.  She once bought me a cross for my birthday in November, but couldn’t wait, so gave it to me in July.  That’s just the way we are.  We love to give.

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