Tuesday, November 19, 2013

“We, who have so much, need to reach out to the orphans of this world and show them the care, hope, and love they deserve.” ― Kim De Blecourt

The little girl in the picture is an orphan.  Her father died of AIDS six months before she was born.  Her mother died giving birth to her.  She has been raised and is living with an aunt who was widowed four years ago and who already has five other children.  Ruth, I'll call her that, is five years old and has suffered what many will never know at such a young age, but her aunt, for all her own poverty, loves her and cares for her the best she can.  She is the last one to get food or clothes since the natural children come first, but here, she has her own uniform, her own school supplies, and is part of a much larger, loving, caring, and nurturing family at Santa Caryn Pierce Academy--the preschool here on our grounds.  Here she gets enough love, food, and self-esteem to carry her through whatever happens at home.  She is only one of so many orphans in this AIDS and malaria ravaged country, but she will get an education because we and other caring adults will see to it.  If she stays in school here and qualifies for the Bunda Teachers College, one day, she will be the one giving the love, caring, and education to other orphans.  She has a dark past but a bright future and it shows in her smile.  It only costs about a dollar a day to feed her and another dollar a day to educate her, but what she receives is worth so much more to her because she eats with other children wearing the same uniform that she does, and learns with them as well.  If you want to help the poor, the starving, the orphans of this world, it really doesn't cost much for you to do just that.  I haven't lived in the U.S. in eight years, so I don't know how much you would have to do without to provide her with just $60 a month, but I bet you wouldn't miss the odd dinner at a restaurant or trip to the movies or . . . well, you fill in the blanks.  If you want to help, you can do it via Paypal and we will guarantee that your money is used to feed and educate a little girl or boy like this.  If you want to help, send me an email at revwigg@gmail.com and I'll give you directions for Paypal giving.  A single month will make a big difference.  Now, that's what I call bang for your buck.  Not to mention that Christ told us to remember the widows and orphans.
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