Monday, November 25, 2013

“True friends are always together in spirit.” ― L.M. Montgomery

We had a delightful surprise visit from Sam, our Canadian missionary friend from about 30 miles west of us in Balumba.  Sam and his wife are originally from Finland but had been in Canada for quite a few years before following God's call to come to Tanzania.  We just love them.  Their youngest boy (we both have three sons) is into computer games and speaks the same geeky language as John and they are thick as thieves when he comes over.  Sam is setting up his compound to be 100% solar, and we are going to use his expertise to help us become much more solar if not 100%.  Our electricity bills have tripled in the last two years and it is no longer economical to use the national energy grid with its frequent outages if we can go solar.  The prices on solar equipment here have dropped over 30% or more in the last few years and what was out of reach is now getting affordable.  Sam agreed to come help us decide what we need and where the best places are to get it.  First though, we have to rewire the house to get rid of all the substandard and non-grounded wiring before we switch over to a 12 volt system.  I'm pretty excited about the prospect.  We will also save a considerable sum on buying petrol (gasoline) for the generator which is sometimes in use for twelve hours at a time.  One day on the generator costs us about $70 which is a lot for us.  One of Sam's sons is now living in Canada where he has a serious girlfriend (I don't mean she is always serious, I mean the relationship is).  Sam's middle son will be leaving for a college education in Finland probably next May, so we want to help all we can with the adjustment for the youngest boy who will be here without his brothers for the first time in his life.  One of the reasons we like Sam and his family so much is that they are "faith missionaries" like us--that is no denomination or large group is paying for their support.  They, like us, have to beg, borrow, and . . . well, not steal although that is the expression--anyway, we have to provide our own funding but have answered the call of God and God is and has always provided.  We operate on the faith that God will provide and, so far, He certainly has, and we are ever so grateful.  God is good--all the time.

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