Monday, November 4, 2013

Our life here is not for everyone. Today was a day in point. -- John, Karen, and Charles

Karen and I had a kind of date today.  At least we were together as a couple.  Things have been a little weird lately.  Juliana's sister-in-law was also Howa's aunt (also a friend of ours--who died last Friday), so we have been doing without either of them for three days and will for two more.  Shaban is in Mwanza overseeing some cosmetic alterations to our new car and won't be back till Thursday.  We normally have six people here every day, but are down to two--one outside and one inside.  The one inside, Edina, is usually outside and doesn't know how to cook or iron or shop for our food needs, but she is a hard worker and cleans very well.  Happily, John is a great cook and I brought a lot of food back from Mwanza last Friday, so we are okay on that score.  Now, to our date--Karen has had a urinary tract infection that just kept getting worse, so we needed to take her to the Coptic Hospital in Musoma, but car and driver are in Mwanza.  We have a wonderful friend who drives a taxi locally.  He is very short, but a skilled driver and has driven John to the hospital in Musoma when he was so sick earlier this year.  It cost a bit, but Doctor (the name he goes by which is on his windshield) gave us a break--and his taxi is big and air conditioned.  Happily, Karen's infection is not bad and she now has the right medication for it.  Doctor wanted to stop to buy food for his family with the money we paid him, but he liked to shop at a place by the road that is marked by very aggressive food sellers.  He got all he wanted, and Karen and I got some really good tomatoes after fighting with several women over not-buying any mangos or bananas.  On the way back, he asked in Swahili (he doesn't speak any English) if we wanted to listen to some music.  Why not, we thought.  Color us surprised when the music began and it was Kenny Rogers singing "The Gambler" and there we were, the three of us singing along, loud and happy.  Karen counted today as a date since she dressed up and we went out as a couple.  She insisted I take a picture of her with the filters headed for the schools of Nansio on the island of Ukawere in a couple of weeks--see picture at the right.  When we got back, the few staff that were still here were just coming back from the funeral while John had been a one-man show in the meantime.  Sometimes, you just go with it and let God sort stuff out.  Today was like that.
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