Friday, November 1, 2013

“For me, 'karma' is just God taking care of us.” ― Me

We had to spend over $5,000 to get our car safe and working well.  I hadn't intended to spend that much, but we discovered problems with the steering that could have caused us to lose the steering completely and oil leaks that would have wrecked the engine.  The mechanics caught everything with Shaban standing right beside them watching as they worked (also making sure that new parts were used).  So, we have new tires and a car that will probably last longer than I will.  Happily, we had the money from my Mom's estate that covered the cost of the car and the repairs.  Actually, we borrowed against what we think and hope is coming sometime between December of this year and April or May of next year (thank you to the someone who was willing to gamble on us).  I felt very safe coming home on new tires with everything fixed.  They even threw in some new wiper blades which we had to use near Magu.  This car is very classy, although I somehow doubt we will ever need the heated seats.  It has an altimeter (?) and a compass which is good.  It is good, big, comfortable, and the air conditioning works very well.  We don't need the air conditioning so much for the heat as for the dust.  Having four-wheel drive all the time with a differential lock a push button on the dash is just what our terrain needs.  It is also not as thirsty as our little four-cylinder engine was which was another pleasant surprise.  On a different and sadder note, Juliana's brother (an Anglican priest) lost his wife to a fall at home.  The same day, a member of Howa's family died of malaria, so neither will be here for four days or more.  Edina, who usually only works outside has been helping us out in the house, but she doesn't know how to cook for us non-Africans.  We didn't realize how much we had come to depend on Howa and Juliana till they were both gone at the same time.  We have so many blessings that God has bestowed upon us.  My cousin's visit really rallied our spirits, and being able to get a really good car that will allow us to expand our work, and God providing people to step up and help when we need them.  God is good.  All the time.  God is good.
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